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MEDEF morning session about strategic information

Information control has become a strategic issue for all businesses, in order to preserve their competitivity on international markets.

Globalization clearly creates many growth opportunities for businesses, but it is also a source of multifaceted risks, generated by a more and more complex world.

With the major changes occurring into governance, the acceleration of social and economic mutations and the exponential technological development, information control has become a major strategic issue to ensure competitivity. More and more businesses need to define business intelligence strategies to succeed in their international development.

Implementing a business and strategic intelligence process is simpler than one could expect. This was the main idea illustrated by the experts and company’s representatives who attended the morning session of June the 15th, during two panels:

  • Decrypt the risks of international, a competitivity issue
  • Building a business intelligence strategy to successfully grow your business abroad: what methods?
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Synthese Matinale de la Mondialisation sur l'information stratégique